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Sandi Selvi has been entertaining corporate audiences, medical industry audiences, and comedy club audiences for almost a decade! Her unique combination of humor, interesting stories of her personal medical challenges, and motivational messages, are sure to entertain your audience!

Corporate Presentations

Is That a Tear Behind the Laughter?: Resilience, Perseverance and Overcoming Obstacles

Won’t Do Stand-up in a Wheelchair!: My Humorous (yet Inspiring) Journey From Using a Cane to Raising Cane….on Stage

Comedic and Ironic Side’s of Life: Turning Tears and Fears into Laughter and Success

Medical Industry Presentations

Is it M.S. or S&M, Dyslexia Can Change a Diagnosis Very Quickly: a Patients Hysterical Perspective on M.S.

Things (some) Doctors Won’t Talk About: Stem Cell Transplants and Pot, Being the Top Two

Has Anyone Seen My Breast Implants?: Getting a New Immune System can be Hysterical

Stand-Up Comedy

Have You Met My Son’s, Dumb and Dumber?: a Mothers View of Raising Boys

MS / S&M:There Really is a Difference

We’ve Been Married Only 25 Years? It Seems like so Much Longer: a Woman’s Perspective on Marriage

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