Those I Miss

Carolyn Abram
On March 16, 2004 my mother passed away from COPD. She suffered quite a bit in the last several months of her life. I was so sad to see her go, but happy to see her stop suffering. She was my best friend and will be missed every day.

Shirley Williams
On April 16, 2004 my Aunt Shirley passed away from liver cancer. She also suffered quite a bit, but I also think she missed my mother. She and I had a special relationship, she will also be missed by me.

Leoma Soito
On April 19, 2005 My Grandmother passed away. Almost one year and one month to the day after my Mother. This is a very sad time for me, because my Grandmother like my Mom and my Aunt, was a very important and strong female figure in my life. I was so happy to have her as long as I did. She will be deeply missed. But she is now with her two daughters.

Eli Tapley
On Sept. 30, 2005 My friend Eli was killed in a freak motorcycle accident. He was an extremely talented comedian with a bright future. He made me laugh and taught me words I would never be able to repeat here, mostly because I don't know how to spell bu-kack-y. He will forever hold a place in my heart and I will never forget the times we spent together in New York. Thanks for your friendship. Say Hi to my Mom!

Mike Homer
On February 1, 2009 My friend Mike was finally at peace after suffering from Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. A rare, neurodegenerative “prion” disease, which occurred sporadically. Likened by the doctors to "Mad Cow" Disease. It was a long horrible disease that no one should have to suffer from. He was one of the brightest and kindest men I knew. He will be deeply missed and forever remembered by me for his generosity and by every one for his influences at Apple, Netscape, Go and Kontiki, to mention a few.